Monday, October 19, 2009

Dreams of Make Believe

Do you believe in dream
believe in what you see
in your dreams
in your sleep
believing in other side of life
in your fantasy
in your ecstasy
fullfilling your desire to conquer
your own destiny

If there's a dream I believe in
It's a dreamt of my teen
like I believe in you, Ann
believing in the creator
that creates the beauty of you
I believe in the memories
that I've shared a moment with you
that I believe in love
that I've felt for you
and I do believe in fate
like dreamt that have faded
leaving our yesterdays for today
dreams that are just make believe
dreamt that never come true.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


A friend is..
a friend who never forget his friends
who knows one's grief
to understand one's stand
of what he believes

Among friend of friends
he speaks with discreet
he wakes from his sleep
when dreams becomes a nightmare
when a long lost friend
suddenly lost forever

A friend is..
who strive to be among the best
sharing in his success
that once he was a caddie
now, he's a captain of the navy

Friends are one and the same
united in harmony as a team
like string of ties that binds
nor words of goodbye
no words of lies
sharing the story of our life

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Love Memories

Soo Ee,
May it be me
May you can see
in me...

that love is in every human eyes
like the birth of a child cries
its no where to hide

Soo ee,
Do you love me!
Do you like me!
at all..

when schooldays are far from our reach
the memories still lives
its just you and me

Soo Ee
May you be happy
May I can still see
in you

that one day life would fade away
losing my fate
to a dream of yesterday