Monday, October 20, 2008

St.Mark... Part 2 (Our class in the late 60s)

Recalling a school sir

tall and slim, not too thin

homourous sometimes dillarious.

in his wake while teaching

whistling to the girl of his dream

as she walks passed our class

that made us laughed

a joker, yet sometimes a stalker.

And then there was a teacher

sweet, sparkling specky lady

giving me a nickname

that have lasted for ages

memories that I have never lost trace

while those were the passing days

being a school kid was fun and game

and we are still here one and the same

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

St. Mark.... Part 1 (The school that we used to)

As the sun rise
separates the dark side
morning comes alive
we breathe into life

We uniformly dressed in white
sitting by the desk
taking turn saying "yes"
as our name being called in class

St.Mark, our first day
in school of your status
we are crowded with strangers
of different cultures, race and religion
rules and regulation
yet, we are Malaysian
to be educated, listen and learn.